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Since WOTRA was founded, it has co-operated and made a name for itself by being involved in different national and international projects. We worked on projects in Slovenia and in other countries, e.g. in Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Ukraine, Ecuador, Vietnam, Philippines and in other countries worldwide. We were part of these projects whether as a subcontractor, contractor, partner and a project leader. The projects were financed or co-financed by:

  • the Slovene Ministry of the Economy;
  • the European Commission through its EU projects;
  • the European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR);
  • the World Bank; and
  • many others.

Thus we acquired practical knowledge and valuable experience regarding tenders and calls for proposals in Slovenia, European Union and other countries. We also regularly follow forecasted and open tenders and calls for proposals notices.

We provide the following professional services to our clients:

  • help with realising your project ideas in accordance with the strategic development objectives of a certain company;
  • identifying appropriate EU programmes and finding support for them in Slovenia and, if necessary, finding additional funding sources;
  • help with preparing project documentation that complies with conditions of the tender and/or demands of other funding options;
  • project planning and management;
  • monitoring and controlling project implementation;
  • professional advice about using the most suitable information sources, software and techniques throughout the process of preparing, implementing and monitoring a project;
  • training and mentoring;
  • integrating a certain project idea or subject matter into a company’s strategy and vision and establishing links with local and foreign partners and experts;
  • developing and implementing a strategy for marketing project results.


If you require further information or details about a specific project, please fill in and submit the online Contact Form or call +386 40 790 000 (Monday – Friday from 8 am to 4 pm CET).