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Based on our wide range of activities and our long-term experience in an international environment our contents and services are dedicated to various target groups, in particular to:

  • business entities, entrepreneurial minded individuals and experts in various areas;
  • business and entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Contents are presented in one or several languages (currently in Slovenian, Croatian, English) which ensures our contents reach a vast international audience.

We endeavour to:

  • achieve high quality in order to attract more demanding readers who are also our potential business or invididual clients or buyers of various products and services;
  • develop and support sustainable development models;
  • promote business ethics.

If your products and/or services are intended for the above mentioned target groups and they are in accordance with the above mentioned policies, we can offer you several advertising options, as follows:

    • advertising on this and our other portals (e.g. Development Navigator) in one or more languages available on the portals;
    • advertising in WOTRA Focus – eNews in one or more available languages;
    • advertising in other media and/or WOTRA’s publications.

Primarily we are a consultant and business services provider, followed by a modern media for development contents and models, which we and our business partners meet in daily business practice. We are therefore also able to offer other cooperation options in the area of promotion, marketing and sales of products and services.

For additional information about our business solutions, visit our central website WOTRA (Slovenia) and/or website WOTRA Universe (United Kingdom).

Do not hesitate to contact us about advertising and other options, simply phone or contact us via the Enquiry form.

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