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GetFunds2Shine is WOTRA’s professional portal aimed at extending ideas, knowledge and experience in the field of innovative projects funding either by public or private sources. We invite Slovenian and foreign professional experts to share their ideas, knowledge and experience from their own perspectives.

The fields discussed are interdisciplinary, and require, to a large degree a holistic approach and using the latest models, methodologies and tools. Articles are mainly professional, with a few purely informative. A number of articles are available to the public, whereas specific professional articles are available only to individual groups (e.g. registered users, clients, membes, participants of our seminars and events, etc.); such articles are correspondingly marked.

The categories or topics have been selected based on our consulting practices, monitoring of various development scenarios and changes in business environments throughout the world. The categories selected are not fixed. We will respond to comments and suggestions of both readers and editors as well as authors of the GetFunds2Shine portal, and we will possibly reduce or expand the range of topics accordingly.

GetFunds2Shine is available in several languages, however, not always in direct translations. Since the topics included in the portal are tailored to individual markets or regions in the world, the contents are not necessarily the same in all languages.


We would like to invite you to read and actively participate in co-creating a better living and business environment with us.


Irena Rezec, M.Sc.

Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director of WOTRA